What is the St. Edward's Fund?

St. Edward's University relies on several sources of income to guarantee an academic environment that both challenges and inspires students. One of the most critical resources is annual operating support.


A Holy Cross school's mission is dynamic in that it requires the institution to meet students "where they are" to effectively serve and guide them toward their life's purpose. And our student body is never static - from year to year, students' financial situations may change. They may want to take on a new research project, study abroad, complete an internship or address a sudden community need through a university-sponsored service project, such as our 2011 response to the catastrophic Bastrop wildfires. Likewise, faculty and instruction needs may change - new laboratory materials, research stipends or library resources could come to light. If we are to further our Holy Cross mission to help students discover their lives' purposes by exploring a wide range of disciplines, activities and spiritual growth opportunities, then our academic environment must offer resources for their journeys. Unrestricted annual operating gifts are the best way to immediately impact a broad range of initiatives and create the well-rounded, balanced educational experience that is the hallmark of Holy Cross education. Annual operating gifts enrich our students' academic and Hilltop experience in numerous significant ways, as well as improve the university's caliber and advance our margin of excellence. We value and welcome gifts of all types and sizes.


Make a gift for Annual Operating Support. Or if you would like more information about this fund please contact Anne Westdyke, Director of Development, Annual and Individual Giving at (512) 492-3147 or anneew@stedwards.edu.