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Every year, Hilltoppers around the world - alumni, students, parents, friends, neighbors, faculty, and staff - come together for Love Blue Give Gold, a two-day online fundraising campaign. We support the schools, programs and causes that are important to us, shaped our time on the Hilltop and will help the University achieve its mission for the betterment of our students, alumni, faculty, staff and community.




Campus Partners
Alumni and Parent Programs Music Department
Campus Ministry New Waves
Campus Recreation School of Humanities
Division of Student Affairs Service Break Experience
Hilltop Leadership Development St. Edward's University Alumni Association
Hilltop Welcome Team Student Government Association
Hilltopper Athletics Student Life
Marketing Transitional Experiences Council
Mary Moody Northen Theatre University Advancement
Men's Club Lacrosse University Programming Board
Men's Club Soccer Women's Club Basketball
Multicultural Leadership Board Women's Club Lacrosse
Munday School of Business Women's Club Volleyball
Online Ambassadors
Aaron Kennard '18 Debbie Taylor Michelle Mowry
Alex Simons '12 Eliza Quintana '18 Narda Salinas '17
Alicia Barron '03 Erica Schomer '17 Natalie Maglitto '17
Amanda Brown '08 Erica Zamora '11 Nicki Payne '16
Amanda Rodriguez '19 Gregory Reck '17 Nicole Driscoll '13
Amanda Saldivar '12 Hanna King '18 Noah Corn '12
Amber-Nicole McIntire '17 Hannah Rauch '16 Norma Dibrell '14
Ana Paulin Aguais '17 Jamie Cardenas '17 Oliver Guerra '18
Andrew Workman '09 Jeff Rohrbach '12 Patrice Ponce '18
Andy Lemons Jennifer Dennington '19 Paul Smith '11, MBA '13
Anna Lopez '17 Joi Torres
Rachel Harms '06
Anthony Fragapane '18 Jonathan Burns '10 Ruby Nunez '12
April Workman '09 Jonathan Cruz '17 Ryan Schmidt '11
Becca Gutierrez '17 Julia Campos '18 Sam Boender
Bianca Hernandez '17 Julia Clements '17 Samantha Gilmore '16
Brian Latronico '95 Karissa Devore '12 Samantha Spargo '09
Brittany Ward '12 Karla Braun '13 Sara Hoover '11
Carey Mays Katlynn Hendrix '19 Sarah Elsey '09
Carlos Martinez '18 Kristina Bachman '07 Sarah Granger-Glauser '11
Catherine Clark '17 Kylie Seaman '17 Sharnicia Dotson '17
Chantal Neutzler '19 Larry Tanguma '03 Shelby Sievers '16
Cheri Sullivan Laura O'Melia '05 Sofia Ojeda '19
Chloe Becker '19 Lauren Zambrano '17 Sophia Gutierrez '14
Christine Lucht '12 Leslie Rios '20 Staphany Salazar '18
Christoper Naley '13 Lindsey Woelker Stephanie Rohrbach '11
Claire F. Stone '13 Lisa Kirkpatrick Talia Russell
Colin de Guzman '18 Liz Simmons Taylor Land '09
Connie Rey Rodriguez '04 Liza Manajarrez Teddy Ade '17
Cory Hahn '11 Margaret Walsh '17 Tim Suarez '08
Crystal Magni Palomino '08 Marisa Lacey MSOLE '06 Tom Sullivan
Cynthia Gurrola '14 Mark Barker '07 Tommy Gallagher
Daja Shealey '17 Melina Bravo '18 Vivian Le '14
Dan O'Dwyer '09 Melinda Benavides '10 William Pate '06
David Tran '19 Melinda Szabo '15


As a Hilltopper, you are one of our greatest assets, and we need your help! The Love Blue Give Gold campaign kicks off February 21-22, 2017, and we hope you will join us in making this year the most successful Love Blue Give Gold we've ever had!

We can't make this happen without YOU! 


What is Love Blue Give Gold and why does it happen every year?

The Love Blue Give Gold social media fundraising campaign promotes participation gifts amongst the St. Edward’s University community. The campaign is used to increase our alumni participation percentage – a statistic used by national ranking organizations to measure alumni satisfaction each year. Charitable gifts also help the university achieve its mission and implement its strategic plan for the betterment of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community.

Annual participation matters! Love Blue Give Gold provides the St. Edward’s community with a fun, quick way to make their annual gifts to St. Edward’s University. Be a part of the tradition!

What areas can I support?

The St. Edward’s Fund, sometimes called the university’s ‘area of greatest need,’ provides tuition assistance for deserving students, along with necessary technology and teaching tools for our students and faculty, while helping us maintain both the natural and the built environment on our beautiful Austin campus. It enables us to continue to attract and retain talented and diverse students and strengthens our rankings and reputation.

In addition to supporting the St. Edward’s Fund, donors may designate their gifts to areas that have impacted their time on the Hilltop. When making your gift, select “other” and write in the organization, program or cause you wish to support with your gift.

Does 100% of my gift go to my designated area?
Is there a minimum donation amount?
A minimum gift of $5 is suggested but not required. A Love Blue Give Gold koozie is mailed to those who make a gift of $10 or more during the campaign.
Can a donor make a gift by mail or phone?
Due to the short timeframe of Love Blue Give Gold, only gifts made during Homecoming and Family Weekend, or by phone or online February 21-22 will count toward the campaign goals.
Can a donor make a gift of stock in support of Love Blue Give Gold?
Donors can make a gift of stock in support of their favorite school, program or cause. Learn more here.
Is it safe to make my gift online?

Yes! We assure you that measures have been taken to make such transactions secure for everyone who participates.

This site uses industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) servers on our transaction pages. It encrypts all of your personal information to prevent unauthorized access as the information travels over the Internet. This site takes the responsibility of your cardholder data seriously and maintains compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) by meeting all security requirements to help ensure commerce-based transaction data is protected. 

Is my Love Blue Give Gold gift tax-deductible?
Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes. If you do not receive this email confirmation, please email advancement@stedwards.edu for help.
Can I make a recurring gift during Love Blue Give Gold?
Donors can start recurring gifts during Love Blue Give Gold. When making your gift, select “I would like to make scheduled payments” or “I would like to make a perpetual gift”.